Click the Fees package Tab from the Invoice Menu

Choose the Patient from the existing patient list or add a new patient.

1. Choose the Treatment From &  To date for the fees package.

(Now the total number of days will be calculated automatically and displayed in the next row.)

2. Add the Tax or discount % in the given column

Then enter the treatment name in the fees category, add price and recurrence. the total amount will be calculated automatically and will be displayed on the right top corner of the page. 

3. You can add an advance amount regardless of the total fees to be paid.  If the advance is lesser than the total amount, the fees to be deducted will be added in the pending amount to be paid ( only after respective dates). 

4. You can save the Fees structure as a Package, so that in the future you can just choose the package name in the select menu to gather the treatment name, cost, duration and frequency. 

5. The recurrence of the treatment means, number of times the treatment will be done in the given days, for example daily or weekly or monthly, and the fees will also be deducted accordingly.