• Login you account

  • Go to exercise prescription  -> click any submenu ( like: Ankle & Foot, cervical, etc)

  • choose the image and then click to Add  Button

  • Go to "Your Chart" at the bottom of the page

  • If you want to remove the selected picture please refer the below image

  • Please refer the below image 

Option 1: Save your current chart, Its same like that Draft option
Option 2: Load your saved chart 
Option 3: Remove Your all charted images 

After choose your all pictures click "Edit Chart Button" 

  • Then Type the "Chart Name"

  • And  set the "Repeat","Hold","Complete""Perform",Options based on each patients requirements

Finally click "Save"

Now the Exercise Chart is prepared and ready to be sent Via Email or Printed out. 

To leran how to View the Exercise Charts, how to Print them or how to email them directly to your patient click the below lick. 

Send or Print Exercise prescription