To Create your make sure, if your venue is already added into Physio Events. 

To check that, 

   - Login to Physio Physio Events

   - click Create Event in the menu

you should select your city to see if your venue is already there

If your Venue is not there click below to Add new venue

After Choosing your Venue, Give an Event Name with up to 60 Characters.

Add the start date and time and end date and time, if the event is more than one day.

If your Event is a Free, kindly click the Check box below to Hide the Payment options. 

The Next Field is "TOTAL REGISTRATIONS ALLOWED ONLINE"  this is the exact number of registration you sell online, after reaching this target,

 BUY TICKET button will change to SOLD OUT or CLOSED button. 

but the next field is to indicate how many seats left, so they have to rush to book it. 

And Next the Banner image uploaded will appear on the home page in the box view, the other event images will appear in the Event View page

If your event is a paid event, you may have to add one pricing slot here in this page which will appear in the event box view and list view. 

you may have different pricing for different delegate type, So we have a complete pricing table in next page, for now you can just add the main pricing which will appear in the home page box view of the events, and also in the event listing page

So choose a type of delegate or add a new delegate type and give the corresponding price and also mention what is thew last date to make that payment. 

If you want to Quote the Price but you don't intend to sell tickets online, you can Choose to do so.

If you choose Sell tickets Online - you will get BUY TICKET button

If you Choose Don't Sell tickets online - you will get CONTACT US button

To know more about 

Adding Pricing Table - Click here

Adding Organizer profile for you or someone else -click here

Adding Event Schedule and Speakers - Click here

View your list of attendees and wishlisters