First Create an Event 

Go to > My Events

Add Organizer

Now Click Add Speaker and event timing

Now Choose Break session or Speaker session.

Break sessions are those session in which you don't have any speakers like it can be registrations, or tea break or lunch or it can inaugural function or it an be award function

Speaker sessions are those sessions which is handled by a speaker or a resource person, it can be a Lecture, or a workshop or a demo or a presentation. 

Choose the Date >

Session From time and To Time >

Topic of the Speaker session

Now select from the drop down n the speaker list, 

if the speaker from the drop down n the speaker list, 


Enter the Email Id, and speaker name, if the speaker email Id already exists you just need to click invite as speaker and click save.

If the Speaker is not already in our database

 enter the full form and click save and once you submit, the speaker will receive an email invitation for your event. the speaker can click edit speaker profile to edit his profile in Physio Events.