When your Event is listed for free Registration or For Online Sales of Tickets, we will get the number of people who were registered for the event. 

In case of Free Events:

There is no payment gateway integrated to this event, so when a client registers to this event of yours, he will be automatically listed in the registered attendees list in your event control panel. No Emailling option is here.

In case of Paid Events:

The Event is attached with the payment gateway, so when a candidate registers for your event, he will be redirected to the online payment gateway and he will have to make online payment, 

The online TDR (Transaction Discount Rate to be paid the Bank)Charges per transaction will be:

10% if the Ticket cost is less than 500.

5% if the Ticket cost is more than 500.

While creating the account you can choose to bear the TDR charges yourself, so the candidate pays only what is displayed in the Website front. Or you can levy they online TDR charges to your candidates so the 

once the payment is successful, he will receive a email of the printable ticket with your event details, No: of Admits and amount paid, The same copy of ticket will be emailed to you. 

Below is the screenshot of the a Sample Event Ticket: